Sigourney Weaver – Death and the Maiden

Sigourney Weaver standing in a bathroom topless, showing her right breast first when she lays a towel over a rack and then talking to a guy for a while, her breasts not quite reflected in the mirror. She then turns around to face the guy, showing both breasts as she leaves the room. We then get another topless view of Sigourney as she puts on a sweater. In the second scene, Sigourney Weaver lying on her back in bed as a guy lifts up her sweater to expose her left breast, which he leans over to suck on.

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[imdb id=”tt0109579″ plot=”full”]

Sigourney Weaver – A Map of the World

Sigourney Weaver topless in a bathtub as a guy climbs in and they embrace. In the second scene, Sigourney Weaver sitting on the side of a bed as she removes her bra to go topless, and then getting...