Penelope Cruz – Ma Ma

Penélope Cruz lying on her back topless as a doctor examines her right breast, rubbing against the side of it with his fingers. We then see Penélope with her arms crossed across her chest afterward. In the second scene, Penélope Cruz showing her breast when it is pressed into a mammogram screening machine. We then see her lying on her back having a sonogram on the breast, and then showing cleavage as she sits up to talk to a doctor. In the third scene, Penélope Cruz standing topless in front of a mirror, looking at her shaved head and smiling as we see both breasts. In the fourth scene, Penélope Cruz standing in front of a mirror as she removes a hospital gown to reveal one breast, the other gone after surgery with a bandage in its place. In the fifth scene, Penélope Cruz seen on her back on an examination table as she goes topless with her left breast in view and her right breast removed by surgery. A doctor then sits down beside her and rubs her remaining breast while examining it with his fingers.

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Penelope Cruz – Elegy – Extended

Penelope Cruz - Elegy - Extended

Penelope Cruz – Jamón, jamón

Okay, you're in the desert and Penelope Cruz is letting you suck her glorious breasties.