Naomi Watts – Sunlight Jr.

Naomi Watts showering, seen through a shower curtain and then showing her right breast as she pulls the curtain aside and holds a towel. We then see her bare butt as she walks naked out of the bathroom. In the second scene, Naomi Watts sitting in a guy’s lap and leaning over backwards to kiss him before she gives him a bit of a lap dance. She then crawls onto a bed and the guy pulls her pants down to expose her panties. We then see Naomi naked as the guy sucks on her right nipple and then moves down to go down on Naomi. She then has sex with him, riding him as we see both breasts again.

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Naomi Watts – Infinite Storm

Naomi Watts - Infinite Storm

Naomi Watts – The Wolf Hour

Naomi Watts - The Wolf Hour

Naomi Watts – Shut In

Naomi Watts reclined in a bath tub with her arms up on the edges before she startles and moves her arms down, giving us a brief peek of her right nipple slipping into view from under the water...