Michalina Olszanska – Tiger

Michalina Olsza?ska sleeping naked on a bed as she plays a house cat, stretching and rolling around on the bed when a guy wakes her up. She then kneels on the floor and drinks from a saucer of milk, spilling lots of it on her chest as we see it running over her breasts and down between her legs in slow motion before she licks her lips. In the second scene, Michalina Olsza?ska lying naked next to a guy’s knee on a sofa as he watches a porn video and pets her at the same time while she kneads his thigh with her fingers. The guy then looks at an adult magazine as Michalina stretches on the sofa. Next, we see the guy eating at a table as she sits behind him on the floor, eating from a plate of her own while still completely naked. In the third scene, Michalina Olsza?ska lying naked on the floor as Julita Olszewska and a guy walk into the room. We then see Michalina hiding under the bed as Julita and the guy have sex, Julita on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. We then see Michalina waking up naked on the floor the next day and crawling onto the bed, where she stares at Julita and Julita pets her. In the fourth scene, Michalina Olsza?ska naked and watching Julita Olszewska stand up in her bra and panties as she gets dressed. We then see a guy petting Michalina on the bed, running his hands over her body and then leaning over about to lick her nipple when she pounces on him and bites his neck.

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