Joey Fisher – Anarchy Parlor

Joey Fisher, model for magazines like Nuts and ZOO, dancing topless at a strip club as a number of other girls also dance, each on individual stages with stripper poles. We then see Joey Fisher walking over to a guy while in a purple thong and matching bra that barely contains her large breasts, a silver mask on her face. She then takes the guy to a private room, where she pulls the mask and bra off and goes topless before climbing into his lap as the guy massages her breasts as she grinds against him. She then turns around, giving him a lap dance as the guy reaches around to feel her breasts from behind while also slipping his hand down between her legs. In the second scene, Joey Fisher sitting on a sofa next to a guy at a strip club, her big breasts in view as she wears nothing but a purple thong. After she talks to the guy for a while, she stands up and we see her underwear before she walks away.

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