Jimena Lago and Talia Mint – Inamorata

Talia Mint and Jimena Lago are cuddling on the sofa when a package is delivered. It’s every girl’s dream, a box of sexy shoes and stockings! They start to try them on, both growing amorous as they see how incredible their lovely long legs look. They stroke each other’s legs and feet as they kiss, hands moving up for a more intimate caress. Talia kneels to suck Jimena’s pussy through her panties, and then peels them off. When they are both naked except for their stockings, they finger each other and then move into scissors, grinding energetically. Talia goes down to eat Jimena hungrily, then sits on her face to get eaten herself. Finally they used their stockinged toes to rub each other to a kinky simultaneous climax.

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