Singaporean model turn DJ Tenashar has found herself in the middle of a leaked nude photos scandal. And she has been fighting hard in recent months to suppress the spread of these naked photos. These nude pictures of Tenashar have been floating around the web a lot in recent months but they have been online since 2011 at the very least and were probably taken in 2010 when she was about 22 year-old. Tenashar is seen in these photos fully nude in nature and with her fully natural body. These photographs of Tenashar topless in some, bottomless in others and fully naked in some were taken before her boobs were enhance with implants. She claim the photos were sold to a “porn” website by the photographer without her permission. We don’t know the photographer’s side of the story however according to her she paid him to do the photo shoot with the agreement the nude photographs were only for her portfolio but apparently he could use the non-nude pics for his portfolio too. According to the information the photographer submitted to the “porn” (nude art) website, he either met Tenashar in Koh Rong, a large mostly uninhabited island off the coast of Cambodia, or that is where the photos were taken.