Chanel Iman – Dope

Chanel Iman opening a front door in a revealing robe with a plunging neckline. She then turns and walks down a hallway, looking back over her shoulder as she drops the robe to the floor to expose her left breast from the side and her thong underwear. We then see her swimming topless in a pool as a guy looks on, her nipples visible under the clear water. Then standing up in a skimpy purple body suit that rides up to show off her butt. A guy then stands with his back to her as she unzips the suit and goes topless, standing in just a pair of thong panties. She approaches the guy and puts her arms around him as she shows more of her breasts. In the second scene, Chanel Iman walking into a bathroom and sitting on a counter top in a purple body suit that hangs open to reveal some of her left nipple. We then see her topless in thong panties as she straddles a guy on the floor of a bathroom and then accidentally gets sick on him. After the guy cleans up, she laughs and the guy leads her out of the room while she wears a robe over her shoulders with her breasts still exposed.

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[imdb id=”tt3850214″ plot=”full”]