Amanda Seyfried – Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried playing famed adult film star Linda Lovelace as she enters a room wearing just a pair of panties, her hair covering her breasts. She then jumps into bed with a guy and he pulls the blankets down so we see her topless while lying on her back. The guy kisses her stomach and then reaches for a camera to snap a picture of her while kissing her. In the second scene, Amanda Seyfried running along a beach in some home video-style footage as she lowers her jean shorts slightly to expose her butt for a little before hiking them back up. In the third scene, Amanda Seyfried swimming topless across a pool, first seen from above and then from below under the water as we get a clear view of her breasts as she passes overhead. In the fourth scene, Amanda Seyfried in a red swimsuit that shows cleavage as she sits on a stool and poses for a photographer, who sits down and talks to her for a bit. In the fifth scene, Amanda Seyfried posing topless in a photoshoot, wearing different outfits including a red polka-dot dress, a pair of blue jeans, and just a red and orange blanket as she sits on a rock.

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