Alicia Vikander – Tulip Fever

Alicia Vikander standing naked showing the bottom half of her breast and a bit of nipple as well as she runs her hand over her stomach. In the second scene, Alicia Vikander kissing a guy as they both undress, Alicia ending up naked in his lap as they have sex and we see both breasts and butt from her. The guy then lays her back and kisses her chest and runs his hand over her side while continuing to have sex with her. In the third scene, Alicia Vikander lying naked on top of a guy with her head resting on his chest as she talks to him and then kisses him. Alicia then moves back to kneel with her hair hanging down to partially cover her breasts and the guy begins to make a sketch of her before she covers up. In the fourth scene, Alicia Vikander lying naked on her stomach on a bed looking at some papers with a guy, her bare butt visible as the guy leans over her back.

Alicia Vikander – Kronjuvelerna

Alicia Vikander unbuttoning her shirt and going topless as a guy watches her undress. She then dives into a lake naked for some skinny-dipping and we see her bare butt when she swims underwater...