Alicia Rodriguez and Maria Gracia Omegna – Young & Wild

Alicia Rodríguez and María Gracia Omegna both nude in a lesbian sex scene, Alicia first lying on her back with her breasts in view as María goes down on her. María then moves up and the girls make out while María reaches back between Alicia’s legs, also showing her breasts. In the second scene, Alicia Rodríguez lying on a couch as a guy leans over her and they undress each other while making out. Alicia’s bra comes off and he kisses her breast while having sex with her, her skirt hiked up around her waist and the guy on top of her. In the third scene, Alicia Rodríguez seen in a series of flashbacks as she has sex with both María Gracia Omegna, both of the girls lying naked on their sides facing each other with bare breasts in view, and a guy, riding him on the floor. We then see the girls again, both nude with María on her stomach and Alicia leaning over her and putting her hand between her legs from behind. In the fourth scene, Alicia Rodríguez lesbian kissing María Gracia Omegna before we see Alicia lying on a bed as María pulls Alicia’s panties while Alicia lies on her side, revealing her right butt cheek. María then lays down next to her, wearing a pair of panties herself as she kisses Alicia. Lastly, we see Alicia topless as she sits up and puts on a shirt.

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