Naomi Watts – Gypsy – S01E01

Naomi Watts making out with a guy in bed and then seen on top of him, having sex as her nightie slips down off her left shoulder to expose her breast.

Frankie Shaw – Blue Mountain State – S02E03

Frankie Shaw pulling her shirt off to reveal a bra underneath along with some other cheerleaders. We then see her showing nice cleavage in...

Amanda Peet – Togetherness – S01E06

Ms. Peet struts out topless and asks Peter Gallagher if her top "goes with" her pants. Yes, Amanda, bare boobs go with everything!

Amanda Peet – Togetherness – S01E02

Amanda flashes her fun bags for a far too short count of 4 Mississippi!

Lena Dunham – Girls – S06E10

Lena bares her boobs, bush, and buns after climbing out of the tub and letting her mom help her get dressed!

Keri Russell – The Americans – S05E02

Keri Russell seen naked from behind in a shower, scrubbing her hair and causing her bare butt to jiggle in the process.

Maeve Dermody – SS-GB – S01E01

Maeve Dermody showing both nipples in a short scene in which she rolls over in bed, flashing each breast in turn.

Nicole Kidman – Big Little Lies – S01E03

While showering, Nicole shows off her breasts before Alexander Skarsgard goes down on her and we see her ass!

Kate Bosworth – SS-GB – S01E02

Kate Bosworth lying naked on top of a guy on a green sofa, showing side boob and some of her butt as she and the guy talk while she rests her head on his chest. She then kisses the guy and...

Nicole Kidman – Big Little Lies – S01E02

There's nothing Little about Kidman's sex appeal as she bares her ageless buns while getting banged against a wall. In the second scene, Nicole lifts and lowers her nightie, flashing her right breast to...

Lauren Lapkus – Crashing – S01E01

Lauren Lapkus briefly exposing her left breast before grabbing it!

Jemima Kirke – Girls – S06E01

Jemima sits on a couch fully nude eating ice cream, and gives us a nice look at her boobs and bush when she stands up near the end of the scene!

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