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Lucy Ramos – Turistas

Lucy Ramos making out with a guy and then doing a dance as she undresses out of her bikini, revealing her breasts and buns while the guy watches from a bed. We then see more of Lucy topless as she...

Martine Stedil – Die Marquise von Sade

Martine Stedil climbing into bed and kissing a guy before she kneels and pulls off her dress, wearing just a pair of stockings as we see her breasts and bush. She then helps the guy remove his...

Charlotte Spencer – Glue – S01E05

Charlotte Spencer undressing as a guy watches her pull her shirt over to her head to go topless, and then bend over as she pulls down her panties. She then walks up to the guy and kisses him before they lay...

Patricia Clarkson – Elegy

Patricia Clarkson naked as she has sex with a guy in bed, showing a bit off her bare butt while she rides him, and then showing her breasts as she leans over the guy. We then see her lying on top of...

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Yetide Badaki – American Gods – S01E01
Emilia Clarke – Voice from the Stone
Kristen Stewart – Personal Shopper

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STAFF PICKS - Recommended scenes

Naomi Watts – Gypsy – S01E01

Naomi Watts making out with a guy in bed and then seen on top of him, having sex as her nightie slips down off her left shoulder to expose her breast.

Frankie Shaw – Blue Mountain State – S02E03

Frankie Shaw pulling her shirt off to reveal a bra underneath along with some other cheerleaders. We then see her showing nice cleavage in...

Pristine Edge – Vixens from Venus

Pristine Edge kneeling fully nude on a table as she has sex with a guy who is behind her and then bending over a...

Pristine Edge – High Heel Homicide

Pristine Edge standing up and bent over fully nude in a spa as she has sex with a guy who is behind her as...

Svenja Jung – Fucking Berlin

Svenja Jung waking up topless on a couch and then sitting up and looking around for a bit and calling out while giving us...

Gal Gadot – Asfur – S02E02

Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame standing up from a couch and bending over in a soccer jersey and short jean shorts as a...

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